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With the SV Web Marketing Intelligence tool you can optimise your online and offline advertising investments, regardless of the promotional channel used (email marketing, search engines, banners, newsletters, TV, newspapers or magazines): discarding or reducing less profitable advertising investments and increasing more profitable ones.


It allows you to define the various campaigns taking place on different communication channels (email marketing, search engines, banners,...). You will also be able to analyse the specific elements of each single campaign (eg. different keywords on the same search engine, different adverts, and different links - i.e. different services/products advertised).
Campaign examples:
Campaign 1:
Email Marketing
Campaign 2:
Search Engines
Campaign 3:


New: You will also be able to monitor the navigation path of each single user from the moment they arrive on your website's Landing Page up to when they reach the target expected for that website.


The targets of your advertising campaigns can be defined by simply indicating the chosen target-pages, i.e. the pages you would like visitors to go to.

Each company or institution can define various targets according to their requirements.
Target examples:
Target 1: User reaches a Product-Page
John Smith arrives on the promotional page of a specific product/service
Target 2: User fills out an Order Form
John Smith fills out an order form and concludes his online purchase
Target 3: Information Request
John Smith filles out an information request form
Target 4: Newsletter Subscription
John Smith fills out a newsletter subscription form


SV Web Marketing Intelligence also includes a flexible search feature which allows specific searches to be carried out. For example:

how many users, and which, have landed on a specific product-page, eg: the "Barbera wine" page?

how many users, and which, have arrived from a search engine by keying in the keyword "Barbera wine "?

how many users, and which, have arrived from, for example, the email campaign carried out in September 2005?

With SV Web Marketing Intelligence you will find the answer to the following questions:

1: Which campaigns have had the most results?
2: Which advertising campaigns do visitors come from?
3: How many single visitors have arrived thanks to a specific advertising campaign?

Who, exactly, are the visitors who reached a specific 'page/target'? (if used with SV User Statistics)


SV Web Marketing Intelligence is one of the one-to-one web marketing professional tools of the SITOVIVO suite.

By using SV Web Marketing Intelligence TOGETHER WITH other tools from the Suite, you can make use of ADVANCED FUNCTIONS:

With SV User Statistics

Display Visitors

You will be able to know exactly who the visitors are who have reached a specific "target-page".

You will be able to trace back all their visits, as well as that specific visit when they reached the target. You will also be able to determine their origin and the path they followed to reach the target.

Each target reached will therefore be tracable back to a specific visitor, identified or identifiable by the system.

With SV Email Marketing

Create Profiled Lists

The email campaigns you carry out will be automatically profiled in the Web Marketing Intelligence section.

You will be able to enter all contacts landing on a website into a PROFILED LIST, according to actions performed (clicks on a specific link to a product/service, navigating on to a specific page), or origin.

You will be able to send email campaigns containing TARGETED OFFERS to your PROFILED LISTS.

With SV Online Assistance

Automatic Identification

You will be able to automatically identify users originating from a specific promotion;

You will be able to monitor the progress of a campaign in real time.

As a result you will optimise your

Return on investment (ROI)

Service available in Integrated Solutions:

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